Anonymous: What are your top 5 stations on pandora?

Balance and Composure, Citizen, Miguel, Brand New, The Weeknd. 

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Anonymous: Do you have snapchat?

Yes I do 

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the-devilandgod: Ohh my god. I'm in love with you.


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locokidd: Your lips are so provocative, beautiful and sexy! I love when a woman wears red lipstick like that; it's very sexually attractive in my opinion

Thank you so much! This has to be the best compliment I’ve received! I love a red lip! I had to stop myself from wearing one because I started to wear red lipstick everyday so I wear a nude lippy now! I try and stay away from my favorite red lipstick! Red lipstick just makes me feel like a sexy vixen! I love it!

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Anonymous: Has someone ever told you that you look like a kardashian?

Yes I get told that I do a quite a bit! I take it as a compliment because the Kardashian woman are beautiful and so are the Jenner woman! I could only wish!

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