Anonymous: Whats your makeup routine?

I wash my face, I moisturize, I apply foundation with a buffing brush, I then apply under eye concealer. I start filling my brows and I clean them up a little with concealer. I then apply powder, contour and highlight. That’s when I finally do my eye make-up and put on lashes!

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Anonymous: What is the brand of your your red lipstick?

Kate Moss!

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Anonymous: Can you post a picture of your holding hands wallpaper or post a link. Id love to reblog them without being screenshot. Theyre beautiful.

They are beautiful.

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arab-queen: You're gorgeous😍

Thank you so much doll!

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Anonymous: What would you tell 19 year old girl who has reads so much old classic romantic literature (like pride and prejudice etc) where the hero of the story is chivalrous and passionately in love with the heroine.. And therefore has unrealistic standards on finding love bc boys in this day and age are so immature and petty?

I would tell you that I don’t think that you have unrealistic standards. Honestly I can relate to you doll. I feel like most men and woman want a relationship but aren’t ready to commit. So we settle for relationships without titles. So you aren’t theirs and they’re not yours. You can’t get jealous of other men or woman, you have no say in anything. I believe in passionate love. I believe everyone deserves an infinite amount of happiness that should be shared and I believe that one day I will find someone that will love me to pieces. I believe someone will love you passionately. Someone will love you to pieces. It’s rare but if you wait, you will find someone who wants the same thing as you; Be patient. Find away to make yourself happy, and love yourself. A beautiful person will love you one day.

I am very much a hopeless yet hopeful romantic. I wish someone chivalrous would be passionately in love with me one day. A girl can dream.

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addictionly: I can't believe we're the same age cause you're so beautiful and you look so much older I'm so jealous

Haha oh doll, you’re so sweet! You are very beautiful yourself. Thank you so much.

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