youregivingupthegun: You're the type of girl I need

You’ll meet another girl and she’ll not only be the girl you need but the girl you want.

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d1no215: You look gorgeous 😍

Thank you so much ❤️

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pietroandthefivenebulas: Your face is so gorgeous and dreamy

Thank you, thank you! You’re kind!

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massimotv: Hi, are you on kik?


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Anonymous: What three celebs would you have a 3 some with?

Me, me and me. 

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Anonymous: why you show your body

I show the parts I’m comfortable and happy with and if that offends you then I would recommend you to start loving your body or stop looking at mine.

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Anonymous: What are your top 5 stations on pandora?

Balance and Composure, Citizen, Miguel, Brand New, The Weeknd. 

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